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Automatic Tray Shrink Packing Machine
  Nov 21, 2012        Posts by : admin        1095

Automatic Tray Shrink Packing Machine

Product Description

High-efficient Shrink Wrapping machine can pack Glass bottle, PET bottle, pot-top cans with film. The capacity is 25-90packs/m.

1. Name: Automatic Shrink Wrapping machine

2. Packing format:

3. Composition:
-Bottle infeed conveyor: Transferring the products into bottle separating section.
-Bottle separating: Separating products into scheduled specifications.
-Carboard conveying: Carboard grasped by sucker and transferred to synchronous conveying section.
-Folding system: Carboard folded and stuck by hot-melt gluer.
-Synchronous conveying system: Tray and products transferred into film shrinking section.
-Film wrapping system: Wrapping the products with film.
-Heat shrink tunnel: Under the function of thermal current, film shrunk by heat and close to products firmly.

4. Operating Principle:
-Finished cases in feed from the conveyor which conveys them to the pusher area, then the pusher pushes the cases to the conveyor board.
-If the cases need to rotate 90° , the case rotation device rotates the cases 90° When the cases reach the roller conveyor line.
-The pusher pushes the cases to the conveyor board with the help of the auto control counter and photoelectric sensor, the cases is lay orderly in one layer, then they are conveyed to the pallet.
-The board storage device which stores the pallets (tray) can transfer the pallets to the palletizing station. There is a waiting pallet in front of the palletizing magazine, it goes to the palletizing magazine along with the full pallet after the full pallet is discharged from the conveyor. This device is with high speed, there are two full pallet storage stations on the conveyor.