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Glass Bottled Filling Machine
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Glass Bottled Filling Machine

glass bottled filling machine
1.Filling capping 2 in 1 machine
2.For Glass bottle
3.PLC control
4.Capacity:We can design the capacity according to your request

leader type centering cover, twice vacuumizing, low-temperature equal-pressure filling, automatic concentrated lubrication and the capping heads have been installed with overloading protection device. The crafty cap-unscrambling and capping design with overloading protection and the function is sufficient. It is controlled by PLC.

Machine's features:
Filling valve adopts high precision mechanical filling valve, with the character of no bottle no vacuum pumping.

External mechanical valve has no spring or sealing inside, is made of ocr18ni9.
Twice vacuum pumping, equipped with high pressure frothing device.Open Gear combined gear box transmission. Frequency conversion velocity modulation device extends the speed modulating scope.
This machine has self oil lubrication device so that the lubrication points could be lubricated regularly in time. The machine is of high efficiency, low noise and long life.
When there is bottle which blasts during the gas or Glass bottle filling, the filling valve will close automatically, and the automatic broken bottle cleaning device will work at once.
The hopper is of stainless steel and magnetic. The unscrambling, transferring of the crown caps are all by magnetic. The capper has the outloading function which could decrease the broken bottle number.
Centering guide is of double guide bar type, with the function of pre-covering.
The material height in the tank is controlled by electric probe to assure the precise liquid level.
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