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Carbonated Soft Drink Filling Machine
Bottle rinser,filler capper
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       Bottle rinser            

Bottle filler

Bottle capper

Bottle rinser,filler and capper of carbonated beverage machine

1.  Bottle washing machine. It is used to rinse and sterilize the inside and outside of the bottles with treated liquid.

2. Bottle filling machine.    It is used to filling cola, soda and other carbonated drinks. High speed and large flow filling  valve ensures the high filling speed and exact fluid level.

3.  Bottle capping machine. It is used to seal different sizes of bottle caps.

4.  The machine adopts advanced programmable logic controller (PLC) to make the machine run automatically.

5.  The main electric and pneumatic components are made with world famous brand such as: SIEMENS, MITSUBISH, ABB,etc. 

6. Customers' requests are welcomed.

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