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Water Treatment systems
UV Sterilizer|Water Treatment Plant
  Nov 22, 2012        Posts by : admin        68

Product Description of UV Sterilizer:
UV Sterilizer is among the widely used beverage machinery. UV Sterilizer is made by high-quality stainless steel. This material is effective for the reflection of ultraviolet and will not rust. Furthermore, it does not have hazardous metal pollution problem and is in line with the requirements of the health food industry. The conformation of UV Sterilizer is a closed container subjected to internal pressure. The product adopts high-intensity, long using life high-pressure ultra-violet sterilization lamp.
The case body is in charge of and preview the glass tube in order to protect the ultraviolet lamp mainly , cause brokenly so as not to collide , the whole equipment can be moved wantonly.

The Characteristic of UV Sterilizer:
UV Sterilizer features quick sterilization and high sterilization efficiency.

The Application of UV Sterilizer:
UV Sterilizer is widely used in such industries as drinking water, environmental
protection, food, water purification etc.
Suzhou King Best Machinery is among the top beverage machinery manufacturers in the world, with
leading capacity positions in virtually all of our key products, such as Water Filling Machine, Juice Filling Machine and so on.

Technique parameter

Total power0.12kw
working pressure<4kg/m2
water pipe diameter25mm
light tube life3000H
Externel diameterL=1160mm W=260MM H=650MM
Sterilizer efficiency bacterium>99.86%
collor bacillus99.68%