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Fruit milk production line
Fruit milk Filling Machine
  Mar 04, 2024        Posts by : admin        1159

Product Description:

HAL series filling aluminum foil sealing machine is used for the production of milk, lactic acid bacteria, soybean milk and other animal and plant protein beverages, the whole process adopts negative pressure filling, automatic capping, electric heating sealing or high-frequency sealing (optional). There are two types of filling: the bottom of the bottle and the bottle mouth. It has the characteristics of fast speed, high degree of automation, stable operation and high filling accuracy.

Filling aluminum foil sealing machine product use:

Filling aluminum foil sealing machine is mostly used for filling and sealing of beverages containing pulp.

It can realize the automation of the whole process, and is mostly used in polyester bottles, glass bottles, and new material bottles.

The feature of the filling aluminum foil sealing machine is the second filling of pulp drinks, first filling the pulp and then filling the juice.

First, the pulp is diluted in a reasonable and uniform proportion, and then it can be put into the filling cylinder.

It can be filled quantitatively into the bottle and then introduced into the next filling juice through the conveying star wheel.

Composition of the structure of the filling aluminum foil sealing machine:

Racks and protective ports

This part is the support of the whole machine, with sufficient strength and stability, and the table top and protective door are made of stainless steel.

Sealing system

The parts of this filling machine are mainly composed of sealing aluminum ring and sealing copper parts and the cam lifting mechanism of the bottle holder, etc., and this sealing adopts electric heating sealing.

Transmission system

Including motor, reducer, star wheel shaft, sealing system support, secondary filling system, system spindle, etc.

Juice filling system

This component mainly includes filling cylinder, filling valve, bottle holder and cam lifting mechanism. In addition, the filling valve sprinkler is a quantitative filling.

The filling valve is made of 304 stainless steel, the seal is ternary and one propylene, and the spring is made of special stainless steel.

Conveyor system

The system includes components such as incoming starwheel, discharging starwheel, intermediate starwheel, discharging guard and bottle protection template.

Pulp filling system

The pulp filling system mainly includes a combination of filling cylinder and agitator, bottle holder, filling valve and diagram cam lifting mechanism.

ModelProduction outputApplicable bottle typeHost powerDimensions(M)
KBM18/18/126000B/HBottle diameter2.22.8 × 1.65 × 2.4
KBM20/24/148000B/H50-110mm2.23.2 × 1.55 × 2.4
KBM24/32/2012000B/HBottle Height:43.6 × 2.1 × 2.4
KBM32/40/3215000B/H110-280mm44.65 × 2.7 × 2.4
KBM40/48/3618000B/H 46.2 × 3.0 × 2.4