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Juice Filling Machine
Fruit Juice Filling System
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Fruit Juice Filling System

This juice filling machine is one of our main products. It is widely used in juice, tea, energy drink and other hot liquid filling and sealing. It is an ideal filling machine for beverage factories.

1. Juice filling machine

2. Applicable: juice filling, tea, energy drinks, etc.

3. Bottle: 0.25-2.5L

4. Capacity: 2000-36000BPH

5. CE / ISO9001:2000

Fruit Juice Filling Machine Line consists of auto bottle washing machine, normal pressure filling machine, auto capping machine and conveyor system and other beverage machinery. The whole production line is in straight type, as a separated pipeline.

Fruit Juice Production Line is made from high quality SUS304/SUS316, featuring rational structure and facile operation.

Fruit Juice Production Line is the ideal equipment for the small and medium factories.

1.Full filling is to avoid the bottle from sinking after the bottle cooling off, and to decrease the dissolved oxygen to the utmost extent.

2.Filling machine connected with UHT directly in order to reduce pollution.Filling machine is equipped with a CIP cleaning glass, filling valve can be effectively cleaned, Protection of internal and external wall filling valve clean and sterile.

3.Disinfection rinser, filler, capper, transition click-wheel and other non-rotating parts are isolated by fluid slot, the effective protection of bearings and other steel parts from disinfectant Corrosion.

4.The machine Equipped with 100-level air purification system and the isolation window and inlet and outlet of the bottle with air clean curtains, it can prevent dirty air into clean room. Sealing windows with lots of isolation gloves is convenient for maintaining. The facility equipped with external spray sterilization and room-cleaning fumigation system.

5.The machine adopts that air conveyor connected with thumbwheel directly instead of screw and conveyor chains, which is easy to bottle change, it’s just replace star-wheel, inlet bottle screw and arc guide plate.

6.There is no need to adjust the height of equipments through neck holding tech for bottle transmission. And what is only to simply replace the bottle diameter related arc guide board, thumbwheel and nylon fittings etc.

7.Specially designed bottle clip is made of stainless steel and durable,non-contact bottle-screw part, to avoid secondary contamination, no process dead angle, which is easy to clean.

8.The whole machine is equipped with perfect overload protective device that can keep the equipment and operator safely in an emergency.

9.The machine adopts advanced programmable logic controller (PLC) to make the machine run automatically.

10.The main electric and pneumatic components are made with world famous brand such as: SIEMENS, MITSUBISH, ABB, etc.

11.The whole operation controlled with the advanced touch-screen, the controller can be easily operated

12.The machine is of low noise, which is parallel to that of same industry in the world.

Suzhou King Best Machinery ManufacturerSuzhou King Best Machine is a leading beverage machinery manufacturer in China. We will suppliy high quality Water Filling Machine, Juice Filling Machine, bottle filling machine and other filling system for our global clients.

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