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5Gallon Bottle Filling Line
Outside Waher|Outside Brusher Machine
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 Outside Waher/Outside Brusher Machine

Product Description:

ST series Automatic barrel outer brushing machine specially work with 5 Gallon barreled water producing line. It is used for reducing the settling caused by the mineral water itself and some algae substances in the process of mineral water producing. With the omni-directional cleaning including the bottom, inner and outer of the barrel, the machinery improves the cleaning efficiency remarkably and reduces the possible pollution caused from manual washing and decreases the worker's pressure. The machine is made of excellent stainless steel with the advantage of easily rinsing and corruption-resistance. The main electrical elements adopt the products with brands of SIEMENS and OMRON. Pneumatic elements adopt the products with brand of AIRTAC. The machine works reliably and efficiently based on the compact structure and high automatic technology. It is the fully automatic barreled water producing equipment combined with machine, electronic and pneumatic components.

Technique parameter: 

Type ST
Number of washing heads 2
Dimension of barrel

D=276mm  H=490mm

Power supply  380V, 50Hz, Max power consumption 1.2kw

compressive stress 0.7-0.8 Mpa, Tolerance 1200L/M

Structure type

gear wheel and rack transmission, cylinder moving

Overall dimension(mm) 1850*1100*2200

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