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5Gallon Bottle Filling Line
Decapper|Cap Remover
  Sep 24, 2012        Posts by : admin        637

Decapper/Cap Remover

This device is used to take the cap off from the used barrels/bottles.  

The 5gallons bottle put on the conveyor and the empty bottle will goes inside the de capping machine.
While the bottle come inside the de-capping machine, photoelectrical will send the signal to PLC, PLC will instruct de-capping cylinder and barreled hold Cylinder to make the up and down action. And let the de-cap head catch the cap, and let the barreled leave the conveyor chain, and also under instruction Of PLC, barreled raised up. after the cap removed by the de-cap head, the head will opened, this time the huff device work, will put the cap inside the Collector.

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