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Automatic Shrink Packing Machine|Wrapping Machine
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Automatic Shrink Packing Machine/Wrapping Machine

Product Description:
  This machine is the last one of the beverage filling line to pack the filled bottles together.
  The instruction as follows:
  1. Invert speed control.
  2. Bottle entering, Auto unscrambling bottle, Pushing bottle, Heat sealing-Saw cutting, Pressing PE, Shrink, Cooling.
  3. This machine applies air-stirring mechanism in pushing bottle and hot sealing-cool cutting. It uses flat silk pulse seal, the saw tooth knife cuts, The unique heat seal-cool cut mechanism, has guaranteed the packing agglutination, reliable, and artistic.
  4. Automatic unscrambling bottle's appliance makes bottle changing more quickly and conveniently.
  5. Delivering film mechanism and the tensity voluntarily adjusts.
  6. PLC programmable procedure control system.
  7. Double air blowers, guarantees the temperature balance in the shrink stove with PAD temperature controller, that apparently saves energy.
  8. It applies wing shape stainless steel heating system, which is durable for long time use.
  9. The heatproof Bolivian filament special fluorine dragon transportation net belt is used in shrink part to ensure the steady of transportation and high strengthen wear proof.
  10. This machine applies invert speed control net belt conveying mechanism.
  11. The height of the conveyer shall be made towards client's demand.
  12. The direction of bottle entering can be adjusted according to client's demand.
  13, according customer request, can make the stainless steel belt inside the shrink tunnel instead of plastic belt.

Technique parameter:

500ml - 3x4/package

1000ml - 2x3 / package

Max. package dimension:L420×W278×H390mm

Min. package dimension:L210×W140×H100mm

Shrink film material:PE/PVC

Film thickness:0.030.15mmor design for other especial requirement

Shrink tunnel temperatureunder 260 adjustable.

Max. hourly capacity: 720 packages

Total heating power:26kw

Voltage condition:380/220V( or design according to customers requirement)

Dimension: see drawingDS-A400-IS

Compressed air condition:0.6-0.8Mpa,  wastage:0.3m3/min.


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