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Pop can|canned beverage Filling Machine
Easy Open Can Filling|Sealing Machine
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Easy Open Can Filling and Sealing Machine

Easy Open Can Production Line

Easy Open Can Production Line is the beverage machinery we would like to recommend to you. It is mainly used to wash, fill and cap those easy open cans,such as tinplate, aluminum alloy and plastic.

Easy Open Can Production Line can make the stacked empty cans lift, turn over, wash, fill and cap automatically, with a great production capacity.

Easy Open Can Production Line is the ideal equipment for carbonated beverage.

Suzhou King best machinery manufacturer is a professional  beverage machinery manufacturer in China. We will supply very good quality Water Filling Machine, Juice Filling Machine, Bottle Filling Machine, Water Treatment, Reverse Osmosis and other filling system for our global clients.

Auto Bottle Washing Machine

Automatic empty-can water spray cleaning equipment can wash those tinplate and aluminum cans of different specifications.
The characteristics of Auto Bottle Washing Machine:
AC variable frequency drive or DC motor timing
Can conveying platform receives can.
Can spiral sends can.
Automatic can turnover

The Application of Auto Bottle Washing Machine:
Auto Bottle Washing Machine is used to clean the can's inside and outside before food and beverage be filled.

Technical Parameter of Auto Bottle Washing Machine:
Production capacity:216 can/minute
Diameter: 52-105 mm
Height: 50-180 mm
Electric motor power: 3.15 kw
Overall dimension(L×W×H): 7800×1700×1300 mm
Weight: 900 kg
As a professional beverage machinery manufacturer in China, we can provide various Beverage Filling Machine, Soft Drink Filling Machine for global customers.