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Oil Filling Machine
Medium|big Bucket Oil Filling Machine
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Medium | big Bucket Oil Filling Machine   

    Model SNYG(SZ)Weighing fixed amount fillinq machine is a product intergratinq mechanical electrical, which have combined tillinq,electronic weiqhinq & measurinq,electronic showing,Which have adopted international technique afer national order of forbidding use of lever scales.
   All weiqhinq sensors and intellectual meters of this machine are products of METTlER TOLEDO of U.S.A.This machine has applied fluorescent screen,which has qood brightness.light touch film type key board has applied durable resin material which has good property of resisting physical or chemical damages.It can show the increasing weight until fixed(set)amount.Such data as set amount,rapid filliaq amount and pre-filled amount are adiustable.The application scope is rather wide,it can be used for larqe size and medium size barrel fillinq of viscous or non-viscous,erosive or nonerosive liquid.

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