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Filling machine equipment industry development trend in the future
  Jul 15, 2015        Posts by : admin        619

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Filling machine equipment industry development trend in the future

Since always, filling machine is the solid backing beverage market, especially the modern people on the market for goods quality requirements are increasing, the market demand constantly expand, enterprise for effective automation production requirement, in such a case, filling machine it is to become the hot filling equipment. And in recent years, raise the level of science and technology, the domestic filling machine industry are the rapid development, the technical level, equipment performance, and quality are a large degree of enhanced, efficient, safe production support enterprise play an important role. So in the future development trend and filling machine equipment?

First to introduce, automatic filling machine characteristics of what it is. Automatic filling machine is characteristic of the bottle by lose the empty bottle of transmission line over, the into bottles of dial the wheel mechanism, will not an empty bottle of accurate sent to the turntable, empty bottles and then turn, at the same time, by the soft empty bottle institutions will hold up, bottle filling valve and after contact automatically open, filling, filling finished, automatic bottle out into the lose bottles of line, the whole process is over. This machine equipped with automatic protection device, such as a card bottle phenomenon, the machine will stop automatically man-machine safety protection.

Automatic filling machine of the leading technology in the following ten:

1, high precision: calibration capacity for 500 mm, the average error of + /-1.5 ml.

2, high speed: 250-300 bottles each valve/hour, stepless speed.

3, large capacity: filling quantity can be in 150-800-ml between arbitrary stepless adjusting.

4, big range: can apply a variety of different bottle, and replace bottle type easy to adjust, quickly.

5, no fluid loss: bottle mouth closed filling, liquid spray bottle of wall stick, not hops, don't spill.

6, no broken bottles: with elastic TuoPing device, from bottles of high, short limit, bottle does not reach the designated position, not broken bottles, no damage to the machine.

7, automatic protection: in and out of the bottle of dial the round this sets up overload protection in controlling device, the abnormal situation stands automatic alarm.

8, control liquid surface: level control using float level control device, liquid level control stability.

9, electric adjustment: electric synchronous continuous stepless adjusting the quantitative, LCD display accurate display.

10, soft start: boot, by low speed slow rise to machine set times speed, no rigid impulse, so not broken bottles injury machine.

Automatic filling equipment type fully automatic liquid filling machine is the filling, within the plug, pressure inside the plug, cover, screw cover, PLC control and other major parts. The machine through the driving CAM, accurate positioning, smooth transmission. PLC automatic control filling and pressure plug, capping within the whole. And you can employ fully automatic injection molding machine, by the bottle directly into a filling system, prevent cross infection, the whole process is all in sterile conditions to complete. Need not wash and dry the bottle. This machine suitable for eye drops, nose drops, the ear drops, wind and other small doses of the drug filling production.

The next to introduce some automatic filling machine a special use--outside of the reverse osmosis

Reverse Osmosis (Reverse Osmosis, hereinafter referred to as RO). Is a kind of osmotic pressure than the pressure as a driving force, using selective film can only through water and not through the choice of the solute through sex, in water extraction of fresh water from the membrane separation process. Its just like molecular filters, it can remove salt dissolved in water, colloid, bacteria and organic matter. Or, driven by the pressure of the solvent solution (water) and natural penetration in the opposite direction through a semipermeable membrane into the membrane of the low voltage side, also can achieve effective separation process. At the same time to prevent the raw water dissolved salts impurities in the membrane surface focus, the runtime strong water will continue to flush membrane surface and strong water and will bring out the film surface impurities, and then realize the reverse osmosis in addition to the whole process of salt purification.

Filling equipment industry development trend in the future?

1. The more diverse products, request more differentiated GuanXianShi emulsifying machine "has become the development trend of the beverage industry. Beverage industry rapid development, will become the ultimate filling equipment machinery technology impetus. Over the next three to five years of beverage market in the development of the existing fruit juice, tea kind, bottled water, functional drinks, and carbonated drinks and other products at the same time, maybe response to the slogan of the healthy life low sugar or sugar-free drink, and a natural, including breast kind of other health drink direction. Product development trend will further promote the development of GuanXianShi emulsifying machine differentiation, such as PET aseptic cold filling GuanXianShi emulsifying machine, HDPE (middle have cut off layer) dairy GuanXianShi emulsifying machine, and sterile GuanXianShi emulsifying machine etc carton. Drink product development diversity will ultimately drive filling equipment materials and structure of the innovation.

2, for their own to future sustainable development, strengthening technical development strength to an important premise.

3. Drink the rapid development of the industry drives GuanXianShi emulsifying machine industry progress of technology, in the future the filling equipment industry, only constant innovation, with less raw material for consumption, low cost, easy to carry such advantages as follows to drink the pace of development. For beer, red wine, white wine, coffee, all kinds of carbonated drinks, etc and glass as old cans GuanXianShi material for the present situation of the emulsifying machine, with the continuous improvement of the future functional film, plastic soft GuanXianShi emulsifying machine will be more widely used. Pipeline work in materials and emulsifying machine and production technology of innocuity, these marks the solvent free composite and composite extrusion of multi-layer co-extruding functional film in filling equipment will have more applications.

Beverage product development diversity will ultimately drive filling equipment industry in the future materials and structure of the innovation, the trend will be good. Kingbest machinery manufacturing Co., LTD is specialized in the production of emulsifying machine (vacuum, uniform), filling machine (automatic, coating), packing machine, filling seals the tail machine (capping machine), can be based on user different needs of the project selection of various types of filling machine, welcome the masses of customers to choose.