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Accuracy of the filling machine technology has an important role
  Jul 14, 2015        Posts by : admin        420

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Accuracy of the filling machine technology has an important role

For a manufacturing enterprise, the most important concept is that precision, accuracy referred to here are two aspects of a precision, a is a measure of accuracy. With the rapid development of science and technology, promote a variety of automation into the production line in the face of fierce competition era, for an enterprise, product quality is important, also affect the level of technology business development. For the current market, filling packaging machine industry concern, with beverage, food, pharmaceutical and other industries, customers' requirements are gradually filling machine increases, forcing them to improve. kingbest company in order to keep the market continuously to meet customer needs filling machine market specifically for a survey found that customers attach particular importance for the filling accuracy.

Through this transfer is poor, kingbest company deliberately sent a good designer to learn some foreign advanced filling process, the filling machine for a systematic improvement. Filling accuracy is reflected filling machine technology performance of key indicators, with the continuous expansion of production scale, the filling accuracy requirements are also increasing in the entire production line, filling accuracy directly affects the quality of the product, even affect the product's later sale, the whole machine, the filling control system includes a bus, programmable control, data set, sensor technology, high-speed counting technology is the core of the device, the rational design of advanced , hardware and software configurations in place, is the most important, especially in the precision control to within 0.1% of control at best, the speed can be achieved every three barrels of the best.

For each one filling machine equipment, regular maintenance and repair to ensure that the level of filling accuracy can not be ignored in the production side. In addition to filling the accuracy of adjustment, adjust the size of the valve spring pressure should be done by the operator in the measurement of the test was to determine the filling; in the process of filling machine filling errors arising primarily from the filling speed of filling up and down switching valve and filling volume. In which the upper and lower valve switching speed depends on the material viscosity, viscosity, slow switching speed will be appropriate, in contrast, low viscosity, faster switching speed will be appropriate.

kingbest Through this comprehensive study and improvement, not only developed a lot of high performance, high-precision filling equipment, but also improve the accuracy of packaging machinery and equipment related to the filling machine on the technical level of equipment has been further upgrading equipment very popular with customers. Filling machine in the future development, should pay more attention to its accuracy, I believe, kingbest development in the future will be able to overcoming all obstacles in the road, led the country toward filling machine into the international arena.