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Filling machine to do rule out the difficulties and obstacles
  Jul 10, 2015        Posts by : admin        449

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Filling machine to do rule out the difficulties and obstacles

Filling machine industry in China started late, but the late start did not prevent the growth of the filling machine. Filling machine in the place of our growth, China's relatively weak economic foundation, then poor infrastructure, you want the filling machine industry development under these conditions, the degree of difficulty is simply unthinkable. But the first generation in the filling machine industry quite over, go upstream, hard work, and then catch up with China's economic take-off, filling machine industry began a rapid development.

kingbest filling machine as many filling machine in a company since its inception, been committed to professional production and development of various filling machine equipment. At work, the company has been asking the employees are down to earth, prepare the ground, seriously really well at every step in technological innovation, the company leadership has a keen insight into the market, to seize the opportunity to work hard, and the international advanced level of technology integration . Since set up a company, the results ahead, the kingbest Group's advanced enterprises play a leading role in the local branch of development.

Filling machine industry in China alone growth capital investment to expand the production range of extensive development can not meet the development needs of the market, the current domestic production of filling machines has entered the mediation layout, and enhance a new period of skills upgrading to open up skills, and generation of products strengthen the handle is still tense topic is a growth industry. Filling machine manufacturers following aspects should be done to adjust production.

A. Open up the reform of the international market to export the product layout. China's exports are mostly low-level, low value-added or labor-intensive products. Imported products are large set of configuration and high-skill content of products. China should learn the essence of the equipment, whichever is the dross of the West, as soon as possible to open up skills training enterprise of self-, open up the filling machine equipment with independent intellectual property rights, opening up the international market.

Two. Through the skills of research and actively accept new skills in other areas, creating new development situation of the filling machine. Growth focus of the fundamental skills of the new century, filling machine, mechatronics skills, the heat pipe skills, there is supporting skills, planning skills, modular skills, manufacturing skills to improve to improve the processing equipment and technology skill level of the filling machine.

3. Skills with each passing day today, the international competition becomes increasingly fierce, alone to expand investment and expand the extensive development of the range will be eliminated through multiple channels, and actively create conditions to encourage and open up new varieties to create the operating mechanism of the skills of innovation, and enable enterprises to gradually become the industry skills to develop and put into the main body.

Filling machine enterprises in order to do bigger, you must first do their own to solve all difficulties and obstacles in the road ahead, do a good job at the same time for more manufacturers to facilitate, promote the development of the industry as a whole.