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Domestic bottling production line is to be rising, creating the international market
  Jul 10, 2015        Posts by : admin        389

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Domestic bottling production line is to be rising, creating the international market

Machinery manufacturing in China's market, the rapid development trend going forward, including the development of enterprises of the filling line is the most rapidly. This is all thanks to China is a large consumer market, especially in beverages, wine industry, filling production line has been very widely used. In recent years, due to the impact of international economic form of national control over monetary policy to some extent, weaken the competitiveness of the machinery manufacturing industry, but the enterprise outward M & A costs are lower. For the packaging machinery enterprises, many want to extend the industrial chain to respond to external changes in the situation, began filling production line of self-development, filling machines, packaging machines, packaging equipment, take the direction of diversification to reduce risk.

According to market research analysis shows that, in the international market, the market share of the filling line, filling machine market share of about $ 15 billion is three times. Mainly because of the filling line is mainly used by large enterprises, small and medium enterprises in order to reduce procurement costs, choice of filling machine equipment. Among them, the market share of the filling line in the United States 40%, 30% of European countries, the remaining countries together accounted for 30%. Can be seen from the filling line to the main U.S. and European markets.

For domestic bottling line of business, in order to better develop, we need to make their products sold in foreign markets is not feasible to rely solely on the domestic market. To better enter the international market, the first thing to do is to constantly improve the technological level of its own bottling line equipment with foreign compared to China, there are still many deficiencies, the main is that the technological level is not high. Therefore, the domestic filling production line companies to make use of the modern can be armed to learn foreign advanced technology of the filling line, to improve their innovation capability. So as to make homemade filling line more competitive in the international market.

Domestic bottling line to constantly upgrade themselves in order better to create a world market, the international market share, more conducive to the development of enterprises.