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kingbest Detailed filling machine you use, allows you to use the master
  Jul 10, 2015        Posts by : admin        339

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kingbest Detailed filling machine you use, allows you to use the master

Industrialization and mass production makes the continuous development of the packaging machinery industry, especially the type of packaging machinery and equipment, with the development and continuous increase in development in order to better meet market needs. Which filler is one of the most widely used equipment in the packaging machinery and equipment, production and development of key equipment. Today, our technical personnel to let kingbest filling machine manufacturers for our Detailed look at the use of the filling machine, allowing you to become a master of using filling machine, the better to help the production of enterprises.

First of all, before the use of the filling machine installation and commissioning is very important
1, the aircraft out of the box, installed according to installation diagram and connected to a compressed air source, air source pressure of 0.6MPa, such as collusion in the compressed air main channel first load valve. 2, open the right door spin out oil mist, oil standard to join the clean engine oil or sewing machine oil, Note: not with the pressure refueling, oil is about to 8 minutes of full appropriate. 3, the sealing surface into the gas source to check for leaks, adjust the air pressure of 0.3 ~ 0.4MPa adjustment into the oil, the general action several times after spraying a drop of oil can periodically check the fuel injection situation. 4, filling volume regulation: the first rotary filling volume, hand wheel adjustment, observe the instructions window scale, to achieve the required loading amount, while regulating the suction, discharge rate to achieve satisfactory filling, the amount of mapping filling amount, the last amendments to the filling volume.

Second, the routine maintenance of the filling machine is to ensure that the key to a better job of filling machine, but also determines the life of the filling machine. Regular inspection and before a thorough cleansing of the non-woven soft Bucharest cleaning agent to remove oil or dirt, then dry non-woven soft cloth. In accordance with the GMP requirements, the contact area of the inspection equipment and material compliance with the appropriate cleanliness requirements, and fails to reach the re-listen clear and dry. The cleaning method according to process requirements.

Seriously do the above two aspects, you will become master of the filling machine equipment, and the better the filling machine to serve your production.