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Juice Filling Additional Equipments
Overturn Bottle Sterilizer
  Sep 24, 2012        Posts by : admin        588

Overturn Bottle Sterilizer

Overturn Bottle Sterilizer is among the most used beverage machinery in food and beverage industry. After filling and capping, Overturn Bottle Sterilizer turns 90 degrees automatically to make the bottle flat. Then it carries out sterilization towards the inside cap and bottle body through material temperature. At last, the bottles automatically stand upright, and the work of sterilization is completed.

The Characteristic of Overturn Bottle Sterilizer:
Overturn Bottle Sterilizer uses the import drive chain, which is stable and reliable, without any damage to the bottle. The speed of transmission can be adjustable.

The Application of Overturn Bottle Sterilizer:
Overturn Bottle Sterilizer is widely used to carry out sterilization to the gap of the bottle mouth and cap which haven't been touched by the high temperature materials after the fruit juice finished hot filling and capping.


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