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Juice Filling Additional Equipments
UHT Sterilizer
  Sep 24, 2012        Posts by : admin        495

UHT Sterilizer

UHT Sterilizer is the beverage machinery that uses high temperature to kill the bacilli. For we use the most advanced stainless steel welding technology and high quality surface polishing stainless steel tube material, our quality has an essential improvement. The sterilization temperature can reach 120 ℃, and the outlet temperature can reach 60-85 ℃. UHT Sterilizer has two types: conducting oil type and steam type.

The Characteristic of UHT Sterilizer:
UHT Sterilizer has the characteristics of safety, reliability and high sterilization efficiency.

The Application of UHT Sterilizer:
UHT Sterilizer is mainly used for high-temperature sterilization of fruit juice, milk, beverages, alcoholic fluids, and other liquid materials.


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