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Juice Filling Additional Equipments
Vacuum Degasser
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Vacuum Degasser

Vacuum Degasser is among the most important beverage machinery in the food production. Vacuum Degasser utilizes the vacuum degassing to remove the air (oxygen) in the material, thereby inhibiting the oxidation and browning and improving the quality of the product. At the same time, it can remove the air attached to the suspended particles to prevent particle from floating, thus improving the appearance of the product. Furthermore, Vacuum Degasser can also reduce the bubbling when filling and high temperature sterilization, and reduce the corrosion of the internal lining of the vessel.

The Characteristic of Vacuum Degasser:
Vacuum Degasser features convenient installation, high safety and reliable mechanical working performance.

The Application of Vacuum Degasser:
Vacuum Degasser is the necessary equipment in the juice and fruit tea production line. It is mainly used for the air degassing of homogeneous juice in a vacuum condition and then reach the goal of preventing fruit juice oxidation, to extend the shelf life of juice.
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