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Carnobated Soda Beverage Additional Equipments
Three Barrel Once Mixer
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Three-Barrel Once Mixer

Three-Barrel Once Mixer is the beverage machinery that is composed of syrup can, level gauge, static mixer, storage tank, electrical control system, air supply tank and the necessary production process pipeline and cleaning process pipeline (with ball valve, strobe, solenoid valve, check valve) and other parts.

The Characteristic of Three-Barrel Once Mixer:
Three-Barrel Once Mixer adopts advanced technology - static mixer (or carbonizer). So it features large gas-liquid mass transfer area, little resistance loss, high efficiency, low energy consumption and simple structure.
The multistage centrifugal pump the machine uses offers reliable performance and less noise.
1) The mixing proportion is precise and easy to regulate. Three-Barrel Once Mixer can regulate the output and the proportion between sirup and water easily, without changing any parts.
2) Carbon dioxide deacidification makes deoxygenated water have better precarburization effect.
3) According to the requirement of beverage air content, Three-Barrel Once Mixer can regulate air content expediently through appropriate adjustments.
4) With complete autocontrol system, Three-Barrel Once Mixer has the advantages of harmonious action, simple structure and high degree production automatization.

The Application of Three-Barrel Once Mixer:
As the main device in complete sets of soft drink production equipment, Three-Barrel Once Mixer is used in the carbonization and proportion mixing of water, syrup, carbon dioxide for lemon, cola, fruit juice and other carbonated drinks.
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