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5Gallon Bottle Filling Line
High capacity 3|5 gallon Barreled water filling machine
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 1200bph Barreled Production Line

Product Description:

High speed 5 gallon water filling machine is one of our main products that we want to introduce to you.  

It is an ideal equipment for mineral water filling, distilled water and purified water producing process. This machine composed with rinse filler and capper. Using cylinder cap press, with cap return function, cap sorter can keep one hour cap supplying, rinsing pressure is displayed,
The main electrical parts adopt products with brand of Siemens and OMRON. Pneumatic parts adopt products with brand of AIRTAC. Both the inner and outer shower nozzle for washing barrel adopts the special technology equipment from American Sprayer Company. The machine works reliably and efficiently based on the compact structure and high automatic technology. It Is the fully automatic barreled water producing equipment combined with machine, electronic and pneumatic components. It is Rotary type water filling machine.

Technique parameter:

Rinsing Part: 




12 barrel inside and outside washing processes, 9 processes medicine washing and sterilizing. We adopt our special design—omnibearing shower nozzle, enter the up and down in the barrel and spray 360° washing. Our new washing device can wash the barrel much better and prevent the blind side which the old design can not washing well.



Over size


Power Heating


Power Other


Air consumption





stainless steel 304

 Filling and Sealing Part:


The filling type has Patent and the speed is fast, the liquid level is precise. High delicacy liquid level checking ,Meets the standard of  HACCP. Our design save the 4 sets of stainless steel pumps compare to other supplier’s machines. We also leave checking windows on the machine so you can check the inside working clearly. Filling pressure balanced,so the filling level in every barrel is same. Italy cap arranging and capping technology ,adapt the different heights of barrels +/-5mm.  Crawler-type cap pressing and sealing and the force is equal and exact so you will have high quality product.



Over size




Filling Head

12head rotary working

Sealing type

Chain Press



Speed adjutment

Frequency adjustable


1.5-2mm SS304

As a professional beverage machinery manufacturer in China. We will supply high quality Water Filling Machine, Juice Filling Machine, Bottle Filling Machine, Water Treatment, Reverse Osmosis and other filling system for our global clients.